Samsung Virtual Assistant – Rule34

What I love most about Lewd Internet is their ability to Rule34 the shit out of the newest, latest craze. Sexy fandoms were built overnight for some of the most innocuous things, like the WiiFit personal trainer, the PlayStation 4 console, and even airplanes. Nothing is off-limits to these people and honestly, god bless ‘em for it! These unsung heroes work tirelessly to deliver porn to the horny masses through some of the wildest, most unconventional sources and I salute them!

Image Source: Imgur

The latest target to get the Rule34 treatment is Samsung’s newest virtual assistant, Sam, who debuted alongside the company’s latest smartphone offerings. When the Internet discovered concept illustrations that featured Sam in a Pixar-like crossover between Aunt Cass and Flo from Progressive, the Internet got super horny again. Sam became another friend overnight sensation as legions of artists came out of the woodwork to turn Sam into yet a fap fantasy. What I love about the crop of images is how they play into the virtual character’s strengths. While it’s most certainly fun to see her naked or sucking off dudes and ladies, I enjoy seeing people come up with creative ways to connect her with the phone. 

Now sit back, relax, and turn off phone notifications as you stimulate yourself to the Internet’s newest Rule34 celebrity!

Artist Source: Steps3d
Artist Source: In-Phenex
Artist Source: hiyokiiro2
Artist Source: Scribbles
Artist Source: UncleLUST
Artist Source: Yakimi_27
Artist Source: Starli AneChan
Artist Source: Hizzacked
Artist Source: defaultz_17
Artist Source: PoPer
Artist Source: ProbablyNoon
Artist Source: SuperStatanSon
Artist Source: Aestheticc-Meme
Artist Source: JammeryX
Artist Source: ARoodNoodle
Artist Source: ConfettiBun
Artist Source: Akchu

I hope you’ve enjoyed this collection of great, sexy art of Samsung’s virtual assistant! She’s definitely gotten popular since her debut! She may have unseated Lady Dimitrescu as Waifu of the Year!

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