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We live in an era where you can take the lewd with you no matter where you are, and it’s all thanks to portable devices! There are so many games to choose from, and so many beautiful ladies waiting for you to pull them in the gatcha! Welcome back to Portable Hentai, your one stop shop for the waifu on the go.

Today we’re going to take a look at a character from an older mobile game that’s still going strong in 2017! When it launched in Japan in 2012, Puzzle & Dragons took the mobile world by storm with its addictive match-3 puzzle-based gameplay and cute art style! Published by GungHo Online Entertainment (well-known for their MMO Ragnarok Online), Puzzle & Dragons was released in the West in late 2012 and has topped the charts numerous times since.

Okay, enough chatter. Let’s meet one of the beautiful ladies of Puzzle & Dragons!

Artist: ヨハネ

Meet Kirin of the Aurora, Sakuya! Sakuya was released early in Puzzle & Dragon’s life as a part of the Chinese Celestial set of characters. The other characters in Sakuya’s series represent the Four Gods in Chinese mythology, including Suzaku (Zhuque), Seiyruu (Qinglong), Genbu (Xuanwu), and Byakko (Baihu).

Artist: くろ

Sakuya stands out from the other characters in her series in that she doesn’t represent one of the original four gods. Instead, she is based on Kirin (Qilin), a mythical chimerical creature that sometimes replaces one of the Four Gods in tales and stories. Kirin’s features change depending on the source material, but the creature is often represented as a hooved dragon-like creature, and is sometimes translated in English as a unicorn due to their similar features.

Artist: ヨハネ

I’d say GungHo nailed it in bringing Kirin’s features to life with Sakuya! Her cute horns and tail give her a dragon-like appearance, and the fur-lined clothing she wears calls back to her creature’s origin.

Artist: 半里バード9

In Puzzle & Dragons, Sakuya is notorious for being a difficult character to use effectively. Many of her evolutions require you to have a different match for 4+ different colored orbs which is quite the challenge in a match-3 game! With some practice, she is incredibly powerful and in the hands of a skilled player can pull off some amazing feats!

Artist: カキS

If you want to try your luck on the gatcha wheel of fate and secure this wonderful mobile maiden, you can download Puzzle & Dragons on iOS and Android right now!


Artist: Zutta

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