Sacred Sword Princess – Review

I’m going to be real… I’ve played many games like Sacred Sword Princess and I could not get through the intro but for some reason this game has me hooked! The game is available on PC via a downloadable client or on mobile Android phones and I played it on the PC. (It’s not available on the Mac *sobs*) 

Sacred Sword Princess is an action RPG with A LOT going on! There is an adventure mode where you start. This is the main storyline. These adventures contain stories and battles. The stories are pretty self-explanatory. They are stories telling you what’s going on in the adventure and there are sex scenes. 


The battles are where the real strategy comes in. The system is kind of like Pokémon where each character has elements which are stronger or weaker against the other elements. 

They tell you the elements of the enemies and the boss before entering the battle and they always show you the chart which is super helpful. When you set up to battle you get to select three of your warrior women and one friend (or randomly selected player you can later add as a friend)

When you enter battle you enter an action area where you can control one of your characters at a time and your friend auto plays. You can control your friend’s super attack. Your character has a special attack and also a charged attack. The battles are fairly easy as long as you make sure to power up all your ladies and use the right elements. 

To unlock new warriors you must play the gotcha game. You either get a full character summons or you summon shards that you eventually collect to make a character. It takes A LOT of shards to make a character so it’s better to just get lucky and summon one. I summoned my favorite character pretty early in the game so I’m pretty happy.

Each warrior has a chibi and animated 2D version that is super detailed. The higher the stars the cooler that are really. You can also make your warriors even cooler by crafting weapons and armor for them but I don’t have enough resources to do any of that… goals.

Overall this game is fun and I really enjoyed the gameplay. It was a bit of a slow start collecting warrior but after a few more levels I ended up starting to get them with a bit more frequency. I used about 1,000 premium currency coins but most of the characters I got were from the gems.  The only downsides I experienced were that I had to re-download the whole client for one update and it’s not available on the Mac. 

Sacred Sword Princess is free to play!

Click here to play it on PC!

Click here to play it on Android!


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