Katainaka ni Totsui de Kita Russia Musume – Review

I normally don’t go out of my way to watch netorare, better known by its abbreviation NTR, because I don’t need to feel depressed when I watch porn. Stories of women being forced to cheat on their spouses or significant others because of blackmail and other psychological torment are too much to bear. Tentacle fucking, futa plowing, and monster banging is totally fun but cheating is where I draw the line! As with everything, there are two exceptions to this rule (so far). The first is Kedamono-tachi no Sumu Ie de (find out why by reading my article on irrumatio) and the second is Katainaka ni Totsui de Kita Russia Musume. Produced by Collaboration Works, Russian Musume is an NTR story that’s almost…pleasant. Granted, I was initially drawn to the series because of its incredibly busty female lead but this is one series where the cheating feels a little justified.

Russia Musume is a four-episode series about Kenta Suzumura’s attempts to have as much perverted sex with his brother Kouta’s hot wife, Alisa. Alisa is vague about her origins (she comes from “a country up north”) but her code-switching Japanese to Russian betrays any subtly. Not that any of that matters. What endears Kenta to Alisa are her generous proportions which include a massively pronounced chest and bottom, sure to make her a favorite to tits and ass fans the world over. While Kenta mopes over his stagnant life, the appearance of Alisa married to her brother makes him instantly jealous that he should be so lucky. The tables turn, however, when Kouta announces that he needs to leave on a business trip at the start of each episode (or is it a recap? The show isn’t clear if he is out on one long business trip or several). Looking to take advantage of the situation, Kenta methodically plots to fuck his way into his sister-in-law’s heart though as he soon discovers, he may not have to work all that hard given Alisa’s sexual frustration.

While this all has the makings of a serious, emotionally charged erotic drama, Russian Musume is anything but. The series is presented with a comedic tone, much of it spent on Kenta’s ridiculous attempts to play on Alisa’s innocence and naivete. As a Russian woman living in Japan, she is fascinated by the culture and wants to know all she can. Kenta exploits this by fostering her interest in elements of Japanese culture, like traditional festivals and the inherent mysticism of its Shinto beliefs. Each episode begins with a fabulous scene of Alisa masturbating to her pictures and videos of her husband, expressing her desire and sadness over his absence in between moans. She does the deed differently in each episode, making creative use of household items. Kenta watches in on these private moments and comes up with a plan to covertly make Alisa his fuck buddy. Her fear of ghosts, for example, sees Kenta coming up with a bullshit exorcism ritual that involves rubbing his dick over her body until he comes. A summer festival gets Kenta convincing Alisa to wear a super skimpy summer yukata. Getting soaking wet from a shower leads to Kenta “warming” Alisa so she doesn’t catch a cold. All of these silly situations are in service to Kenta’s desire to see the young woman wear all sorts of costumes that accentuated her incredible figure, which is sure to delight fans of cosplay sex. In this series, Alisa dons a lot of fun outfits including, but not limited to, maid, schoolgirl, and catgirl, which do a great job showing off her amazing cartoon assets.

At the end of the day, this is still NTR and Alisa is being tricked into having sex with another, of which she recognizes is wrong for a married woman. I did say, however, that the cheating OK. At least, to a degree, I’m OK with. Kouta is a terrible newlywed husband whose barely written into the script. Alisa wants to be a good wife but is forced to confront the fact that she is a sexually frustrated woman suffering from a barely there husband. She knows sex with Kenta is wrong but her resolve eventually wears thin to the point where she is forced to make a choice between the two men. If Kouta had a more active role in the series and was less than a cheap plot device, then I might have felt differently. As it stands, Alisa’s sleeping with her husband’s brother is deserved. It also helps that the tone of Russia Musume is pretty lighthearted, too! NTR isn’t for everyone and I’d barely recommend it as a genre but the infidelity on display in this series is largely inconsequential that you can easily let yourself enjoy this saucy forbidden romance.

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