Rule 34 Double Feature! Lucoa & Super Sonico




YOU voted and we have a tie! Both Super Sonico and Lucoa tied! Normally if there is a tie I will do two weeks but I love both of these characters so much I decided to do both this week! Below are some of my favorite sexy fan art photos of Super Sonico and Lucoa! Make sure to check out the artists too! They have so much great art on their profiles!

Artist: U (カノラユ)

Artist: 貴子

Artist: SirNuttsworth

Artist: Rozer

Artist: Janong


Artist: ささくら

Artist: 日向真沙樹

Artist: 堀ヒラキ

Artist: S U K E B E 

I hope you enjoyed these awesome pieces of fan! Want to vote on the next round! Go to our twitter to vote on your favorite girl of Nintendo!


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