Rookie Junior Kiriko-san – Hentai Manga Review

Remember to properly give your oni girl kouhai a lot of booze! Rookie Junior Kiriko-san by Mda Starou is a short & sweet hentai that gets straight to the juicy parts – best of all, it’s in full color!

The story for the hentai is fairly short given the whole manga is only 8 pages long, but what it lacks in size it more than makes up in quality! The entire plot of the manga can be wrapped up in the beautiful oni girl Kiriko and her senpai going out for for drinks after a long day at work, during which Kiriko quickly gets drunk and comes onto him hard! It’s a tried and true plot for a hentai, and it works wonderfully here.

Kiriko is the star of these eight pages. There’s something about the contrast of a blue-eyed girl with dark skin and white hair that makes her so visually appealing, and Mda Starou uses the color pages to really bring this oni girl to life! Her senpai is never fully fleshed out, to the point where we never get to see his full face, but his generic looks makes it easy to place yourself in his shoes when reading the manga. Everything is beautifully drawn, from the glistening sheen on Kiriko’s butt to the lewd expressions she makes!

This hentai is a 100% recommended read! You have no reason to not go and read Rookie Junior Kiriko-san on Fakku, with a premium subscription, right now! 


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