Rias – Rule 34 Round Up

It’s that time again! Time for another rule 34 of a character you voted on! This week we presented a selection of lovely red headed ladies for you to choose from and Rias from High School D x D won by a landslide!

I’m a little disappointed there wasn’t much love for Yoko from Gurren Lagann but I am super happy that Rias won because she’s bae. I’ve put together some of the sexiest images I’ve found of Rias on the internet but I didn’t have to look very hard! High School D x D is a ecchi that is very close to a hentai.  Make sure to also check out all the artists for even more of their hot hot work! 

Artist: Blue Senpai


Artist: Throat


Artist: SirNuttsworth


Artist: Storm Cow


Artist: Plasmid


Artist: Pack


Artist: Janong


Artist: 無次郎


Artist: 北夕 守


Artist: Hinata-hime


Artist: ピエールのらの3日目E38b



I hope you enjoyed this Rias Rule 34 round up! Want to have a say in who we feature next? Vote in the poll below!

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