Re:Zero Elsa – Rule 34

Are you ready to get a little… psychotic? In the wise words of Apple… Here’s to the crazy ones! This week we celebrated the women who are a little… shall we say… off. It was a pretty close vote but Re:Zero’s Elsa came out on top! Check out the sexy art below and make sure to click the links below each image to see more work from each artist. 


Artist: gatari


Artist: γ‚っぷ


Artist: blackegg


Artist: HaneRu


Artist: γ‚¬γƒƒγƒ„ン


Artist: FI-san


Artist: LaoMeng


Artist: Z.H.Y


Next week things are getting a little toasty as we feature some of the hottest redheads! Vote below for your favorite! 

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