Ren Xiongmao – Monster Girl Monday

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art.

Ren Xiongmao

Habitat: Bamboo forests

Nature: Cheerful, lustful, gentle

Diet: Omnivorous 

Quick Facts:

  • Despite their large stature, Ren Xiongmao tend to be very sociable and charming.
  • They constantly eat bamboo leaves which leads to them often carrying a bamboo shoot with them at all times. All of their expertise in handling the bamboo leads to them generally being an expert in handling all pole-shaped things.
  • Ren Xiongmao love fun things, and men are top of the chain of fun for them! If they spot a man, they will stalk him playfully and employ their skills in handling pole-shaped things by orally pleasing him.
  • The fun doesn’t stop at the blowjob for Ren Xiongmao. The semen causes them to become very aroused and they will continue ravaging him until they are full of virile semen. This shows the man both sides of their libido; the fun and games, and the bestial need to become pregnant.
  • Fun and pleasure are key elements of a Ren Xiongmao’s life. They can eagerly spend all day playing with and pleasuring their mate without worry!

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Playing with a Ren Xiongmao might be a little worrysome – one day with one of these charming panda girls might have you hooked! 


Artist: ganesagi

Artist: Barbarianink

Artist: tinkerbullsartlust

Artist: paundo2

Artist: Bucksatan


Artist: z_umeshi






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