Quistis Trepe – Rule 34 Round Up

OK. We’re a little late again, but better late than never! We hope your anticipation for this gorgeous Rule 34 winner has built to a climax, because we’re showing off the lovely Quistis Trepe from Final Fantasy VIII this week!

Quistis is one of the first playable characters you encounter in FFVIII and, in my humble opinion, one of the best! She’s a sexy teacher with a whip, what’s not to love!? Enjoy these stunning pictures of our Rule 34 winner!


Artist: Lasterk

Artist: ティータ.J

Artist: 23

Artist: おくら

Artist: sadinsfw



Artist: Kainkout

Artist: 焔と契りしれな

Artist: Abysmal0

Artist: Abysmal0

Unfortunately there will be no vote this week as we have something special (and delicious) in store for you next week! Stay tuned!


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