Pyra – Xenoblade – Rule 34

Remember when Sakurai said Mai was too sexy for Smash Bros and then went and put Pyra in? I would say she’s just as sexy but we should totally do a Mai rule 34 sometime… ANYWAY back to the sexy woman at hand, Xenoblade’s Pyra! From her form fitting outfit to her fun personality, she is one for the ages. Let’s celebrate her with sexy art and make sure to check out and follow all these talented artists!

Artist: Busty Waifus
Artist: Ravengenesis
Artist: newkataokasan
Artist: yasu
Artist: Hot Melon
Artist: Koshair
Artist: Ririko
Artist: FemboyArt
Artist: NakiArt
Artist: Ririko
Artist: Chascoby_Art

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