Punishment ♥ – Hentai Manga Review

Sometimes a bit of punishment is needed for personal improvement – welcome to our review of Punishment ♥ by fu-ta!

Our story’s couple, Nagisa and Jun, work at a restaurant together. Despite being Jun’s senior, Nagisa is always looked after by him due to her clumsy nature, resulting in her accidentally breaking dishes on a constant basis. After she breaks another coffee mug and Jun covers for her with the manager, she expresses to him that she wants to be scolded so she can improve! Jun comes off as a shy guy, and he’s reluctant to do anything, but Nagisa agrees to him jokingly suggesting that he could punish her sexually, we enter an incredible hentai scene!

Anyone who’s experimented in the bedroom will have flashbacks to their first time after reading through this hentai! Jun’s always wanted to do something like this with Nagisa, and happens to have a pair of cuffs to keep her from moving. He sticks a vibrator in Nagisa and tells her he won’t let her cum for 50 minutes as punishment, and that he’ll even raise the intensity every ten minutes! What follows is a wonderful exploration of a couple’s first time with BDSM.

Nagisa’s expressions grow increasingly delerious through her punishment session, and while Jun initially approaches it with almost a militant duty to see his girlfriend aroused to the peak of insanity, he really loosens up near the end of it. Between Nagisa’s verbal jabs at him encouraging more punishment, her cumming early, and Jun learning just how far he can go without letting her get off, Punishment ♥ is a true to life treat of a hentai manga! Seeing Nagisa’s devious grin at the end of the manga is just icing on the cake.

You can read Punishment ♥ right now on Fakku with a premium subscription right here

P.S.: Fakku, can you make a fu-ta book? Pretty please? 

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