Pocket Waifu – Review

Recently on Nutaku I made a guide to dating using the game Pocket Waifu! Check it out here! Now that I’ve helped you out in the dating world I thought it would be fun to also review the game so you can date some 2D ladies! 

*Note* I am in a blog writing partnership with Nutaku. I do work with them but they did not pay or endorse this review. All opinions are my honest opinions. 

Pocket Waifu is available for free via browser and they also have an Android app! The game play is kind of like a dating sim and one of those Tamogatchi pet things had a naughty sexy adult baby.

You start out as the main character and a naked demon lady shows up in your room and gives you the power to attract women. (Can’t she just bone me?) One improvement I would like to see is being able to choose your gender as the main character. You are automatically referred to as a male (like in many of these games) but it’s super refreshing when you can choose to play as a lesbian woman or a straight male. I also wouldn’t mind if they left the main character gender pronouns out of the game completely so you can enjoy it as the person you identify as if you please. 

The women magically just show up at your house one by one and you end up taking care of all of them by giving them gifts, playing games with them, feeding them, and bathing them. Each girl has a group of images for each activity which range from pretty safe to nude. 

The more you take care of your women the more of a bond you form with them and you move up the rankings of their life from colleague to friend to girlfriend and beyond! Once you become their friend you have to meet certain requirements for them to become your girlfriend which varies with each woman. 

As you level up the women you also unlock sexy hentai scenes which are unique to each woman. 

Leveling up a relationship in this game is not easy unless you use energy drinks. These ladies need A LOT of sleep. It takes 4 hours to refill your energy which means I was only able to play this game twice a day for about 30 minutes in most cases. I did utilize energy drinks on a few occasions to keep playing but those cost the premium currency gems. You can earn gems through quests but not a ton so I opted to save those to get through the requirements to unlocking the next level relationship. A lot of the requirements involve gifts, food, and other items you must buy with the premium currency. 

So far there are seven women to unlock. To unlock each woman you have to become friends with the previous woman and some have other requirements like reaching waifu level. I’ve unlocked five out of the seven women and Annabelle is my favorite by far. She loves eating ribs and is quirky AF. Also she’s a super cute red head with twin-tails and huge oppai so… yeah she’s my bae. 

On top of collecting women and leveling up your relationships you can also redecorate your house and some items give you bonuses for certain women! You can also dress your women which is cool but I’ve mostly decided to undress them! Yep! When they reach a certain comfort level with you they allow you to keep them around naked. 

Another thing you can do is make your account premium with Nutaku gold so you earn even more affection from actions. I believe everyone gets a few free days of premium to get a taste for it. Personally I’m not into those kind of paid incentives and would much rather use paid currency for permanent things in game like characters but it definitely helps if you’re trying to blow through the game. 

Overall Pocket Waifu is an entertaining game and I encourage you to give it a try! 

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