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Something has to be wrong with me: I can freely admit it to the world that I am a fan of NTR hentai. The more I expose myself to manga and animation depicting cheating spouses and significant others, the more I feel like a glutton for emotional punishment. At this point in my life, though, those queasy feelings of guilt and misery have gone away, leaving me and my perverted self to enjoy watching former lovers get plowed into next week until they’re addicted to the mere notion of sex with a different partner. Also, I happened to notice that the women in these kinds of stories tend to have the best ahegao faces as if they’re experiencing real deep, pleasurable sex for the first time. Cute girls and hot sex faces are two things that had me really enjoying The Holy Land Pilgrimage NTR. Sure, the situation the characters find themselves in are horrible but look past the forced infidelity and you’ll find some pretty sexy stuff! 

Miya and Makoto are two kindred spirits who found each other through their mutual love of anime. Makoto, whom we never really see on camera, has developed feelings for the cute and charming Miya, and does not mince words in his internal monologue. However, out of fear of accidentally pushing her away through a confession of his feelings, he tries to play it cool. One afternoon, they meet up for lunch to talk about their new favorite film and that the centerpiece of the story took place at a real shrine near their hometown. They excitedly plan to make a visit, an otaku pilgrimage of sorts, to see the place that inspired the film. Their conversation is rudely interrupted by Oshii, a fellow student and fan of the film. Oshii quickly dominates the conversation, coming off as a loudmouth to a degree that makes Miya and Makoto really uncomfortable. Because they’re too polite or concerned for Oshii’s feelings (for whatever reason), Miya and Makoto allow him to join their trip to the shrine. Makoto doesn’t think much of the situation given that he’s too excited over the prospect of spending an entire day with his crush. Or, so he thought. 

On the eve before the adventure, Makoto suffers an accident that ends with a broken leg and is unfit for travel. Miya is more than willing to call the whole thing off but Makoto insists that she goes anyway. This is what a lot of us would consider being “a bad idea.” Already nervous being in a place with a relative stranger, Oshii quickly shows his true colors as a handsy pervert who forces himself into Miya, forcing her to experience lewd acts in a dangerously public place. The events that happen in the shrine would ultimately have devastating consequences, as the charming, sweet, and kind Miya is introduced – and grown addicted to – a perverse sexual lifestyle. As expected of the genre, Miya settles into the role of a willing sexual partner to Oshii, drawn to having sex behind Makoto’s back with him being none the wiser. Oshii’s lusty hunger knows no bounds of decency to the point where the two have super risky sex in a locker within the manga club that she and Makoto started. 

This story ends like many others, in which Makoto discovers the truth in the worst way possible, leaving him to wrestle with the emotions of seeing someone you like/love with someone else. And this wouldn’t be NTR if it doesn’t make you feel like crap afterward and in that regard, The Holy Land Pilgrimage NTR hits all the right notes. It comes off as a little formulaic and won’t offer anything new to fans of this particular genre but masochists and gluttons for emotional punishment will find some interest in this NTR tale. Making this story alluring to me, though, is how sexy Miya looks when she’s having sex. After she crosses the threshold that leads to extreme pleasures, her ahegao faces are truly top tier. 

The complicated relationship between Miya, Oshii, and Makoto might leave a bad taste in your mouth but so help me if I didn’t have a great time with it. 

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