Phantasma Magic Deluxe – Nutaku Game Review

Once upon a time I was randomly perusing a hentai site when I discovered Nutaku and I have been entertained ever since! I’ve always been skeptical of these free to play sites because most of them are similar to the hentai sites I frequent. They are mostly full of pop-ups and garbage flash games but not Nutaku!

Nutaku has freemium games as well as downloadable games you pay for but so far I’ve only played one freemium game and that’s a game called Phantasma Magic Deluxe!

This game is a typical match type game much like Puzzle & Dragons where you have characters who have elemental abilities and you match the elemental pieces to prompt them to attack your enemies. The enemies are also elemental and are weak to certain attacks. These enemies just so happen to be sexy AF including sexy witches and masturbating girls… there are even little elemental penises!

You are a Witch and the game starts you out in the beginning of Witch School and then there are a bunch of elemental challenges. When you complete some levels you get really really sexy cut scenes. My favorite was when my Witch was fucking her doppelgänger! I even got to fuck my teacher!

The characters you play are represented with cards and you get new cards randomly in levels. You can level up and evolve your cards and you can even get super rare cards from the shrine maiden or the goddess. The shrine maiden takes heart stones and the goddess takes buddy points. Also the goddess was just released today! So obviously they are working hard to provide more content for us!

The game is freemium which means it’s totally free to play but you can buy extra stuff with real money! They have packs where you can get loads of heart stones, buddy points, and coins that can make the game play a little easier and rare cards easier to get. So far I haven’t bought anything and I’m playing it just fine so I encourage you to head over to Nutaku and play it today!

What Nutaku game should I play next? Let me know in the comments or tweet us!


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