Peach Maid Ami Figure by Hisasi

Who doesn’t love a good maid?! I know I do! There is something so cute and sexy about a maid outfit. Maybe it’s the sub in me, but I LOVE rocking a French maid outfit. If you love maids as much as I do, you will love this original figure by the artist Hisasi! 


Hisasi is a prolific hentai/doujin artist who is infamous for his curvy ladies! You may recognize his stile from the wildly popular anime and manga And You Thought There Is Never a Girl Online? and other series like Cute Devil Girlfriend and Bikini Warriors! Hisasi also has a lot of work on FAKKU! which you can check out HERE

The Ami illustration is an original piece by Hisasi for his Peach Maid collection. There is no Peach Maid manga or series yet, but I hope he does one soon! I would love to see his characters come to life! 

Photo courtesy of Hisasi


Hisasi teamed up with sculptor Deira to turn this Ami illustration into an actual figure! Deira has sculpted 12 figures so far including figures for Love Live!, Dragon’s Crown, and Kantai Collection. They do make quite the dream team, and I hope they team up for more figures in the future! 


The figure is made of ABC and PVC plastics and measures in at a little over 6-inches. She comes with a chair you can display her on, or you can display her on any surface you would like! Her panties and skirt are fully removable as well. 


It’s hard to see in the images, but there is a seam along the waist line so you can take her apart to remove her clothes. A lot of people have reported the figure does pretty obviously show the seam and the gap doesn’t quite connect. There have also been some reviews that say her panties do not fully cover her vagina, so be prepared for some openly displayed vajayjay! If you like your ladies openly displayed all out there, this is the figure for you! If you would rather keep your figures covered this may not be the figure for you. 

It sounds like this figure has a few flaws but most people say they are glad they got her because she’s one hot mama! 

You can order the Ami 1/8 Figure Illustrated by Hisasi on J-List now! 


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