Passionlip – Rule 34

It has been awhile since we featured a Fate Series character. Our Discord member NemesisQ suggested Passionlip and I cannot resist a well endowed woman to save my life!

Remember to support all these talented artists and click through to follow them! They have a ton of great work on their profiles!

Artist: あら
Artist: Besthetz
Artist: yaman**
Artist: Gaijin
Artist: 拡張の翁
Artist: TEDDY
Artist: イチリ

Artist: Blue_Gk

Artist: DantesWard
Artist: Timbougami

Artist: ヘルアンドヘブン

Artist: えびどー
Artist: いせマグ
Artist: GAO

Thank you for checking out our latest rule 34 article! We hope you enjoyed Passionlip in all sorts of compromising positions with some bonus Tamamo no Mae. Want to see a character featured in our rule 34 series? Tweet us to let us know!

*NOTE* If your art was featured here and you wish for it to be removed please email hello @ thehentaihq . com and we will remove it promptly!

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