Panty & Stocking – Rule 34

*Note* Apologies for being late this week but I accidentally made the poll longer than usual and I had to wait for it until tonight (Thursday night) for it to be finished because you never know who might steal the vote! 

We may not be getting a new Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt season anytime soon but we do have plenty of lewds! Below we’ve gathered as many awesome pieces of fan art featuring both ladies. Make sure you check out all the artists and follow them if you like them. 


Artist: Erotibot


Artist: nicecream


Artist: 宇宙


Artist: kazukoto


Artist: 天十郎


Artist: Zerg


Artist: 阿瑟金


Artist: Robaato


Artist: Lucknight


Artist: 瓦屋A太


Artist: るいたん


Artist: まもる




Our next vote features women who are a little blue… vote for your favorite below and they just might end up right here in their own article! 

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