Let’s Take a Peek Into Panchira!

Do you love a good panty shot as much as I do? Let’s take a look at how the panty shot fetish soared in popularity within Japanese culture.

Did you know that prior to the 1930’s women in Japan didn’t even wear panties?! Legend has it… there was a large fire in a Tokyo department store in 1932 and several women fell to their deaths because they were trying to cover up their lady bits as they slid down the escape rope. Many newspapers urged women to start wearing panties so this wouldn’t happen again but two years later in 1934 they did a survey and 90% of women still weren’t wearing panties! My kind of women…

It is thought that the panty trend began during the Westernization of Japan after World War II. During that time clothing items became available in Japan that most of the public had never seen. It is thought that the craze of sneaking a peek of panties (AKA a panchira!) began with the iconic Marilyn Monroe pose from The Seven Year Itch.

So how did this become popular in hentai and anime? Panchira is thought to have started to gain popularity in anime in manga starting with Uran-chan who is a female character in the massively popular Astro Boy series. Pachira was even popular in toys featuring her!

At first panchira wasn’t really a sexy thing. It was more an innocent comedic relief situation mostly happening to school aged girls. It didn’t really take a turn to the sexual until the 1970’s when shows like Cutie Honey began delivering sexy fan service panchira!

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