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Welcome back to Hentai Trending, the article series where we get down and dirty with data and look at what you all have been searching for across the web!

Spending a couple weeks with a girl’s glorious oppai is enough foreplay, don’t you think? A girl’s bottom needs attention too, you know! And one of the great ways to give a gal our undivided attention is to give her a nice, warm seat!

Artist: あかつき茜

Facesitting or ganki in Japanese is all about a woman planting her beautiful bosom on someone’s face! Facesitting can be enjoyed a tremendous amount of ways, too. Breathplay, cunnilingus, even scent play are all in the glorious territory of this trend!

Artist: doskoinpo

Domination is typically a component of the facesitting kink, but it doesn’t have to be! One of the greatest things about it is that there are so many flavors of facesitting, it’s hard to get bored of it! Speaking of domination, though, let’s see where this trend dominates around the world:



Unlike our last few trends, we have an incredibly close race to #1 this time around! Germany barely manages to hold on to yet another #1 spot in hentai trends, but it’s closely followed by Romania, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Sweden! After it’s taken so many of the #1 spots so far, maybe some of us should consider moving to this glorious mecca of sexy trends!

Artist: ふとし

Barely knocked out of the top 5, the USA pulls in at #6 in searches for facesitting! Let’s see how well the different states did:

Michigan takes #1, and much like our worldwide race, the USA also ended up with multiple states almost taking the top spot! Ohio, Oklahoma, Indiana, and Connecticut all also has plenty of people who’d love to plant their butts on someone’s face as well as people who’d love to be on the receiving end!

Artist: raiou

Artist: Tumtumisu

That wraps up this week’s hentai trending! Do you have a suggestion for a future topic? Let us know in the comments or tweet us!

Artist: kenshin187

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