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Mobile games have been soaring in popularity, and there are so, so, so many beautiful women waiting to be discovered in these pint-sized games. Portable Hentai takes a closer look at these cuties and the games they’re in!

The maiden voyage of this new series spotlights an incredibly popular character across the Atlantic in Japan, but you may have never heard of her! This is because the game she comes from, Granblue Fantasy, has never been released outside of Japan despite having a full English translation. Granblue Fantasy is a turn-based game with classic RPG mechanics where you create a team of three characters alongside your main character, and it is often nicknamed Grindblue Fantasy by its loving fanbase due to the massive amount of endless content the game has for you to grind away at.

Enough chatter about the game, though. Let’s get down to why you’re really here – the lewd!

Artist: kaorihero

Meet Narmaya, The Fluttering Swordswoman. This beauty is an SSR rarity (the highest in the game) dark character in Granblue Fantasy. Western fans sometimes refer to her by her romanjinized name, Narumeia. She has a very airy and aloof, but caring personality.

Artist: 氷室

Narmaya is of the Doraf race – male dorafs are built tall and muscular like bulls, and the females are short in stature and have a LOT of oppai to go around! If you love small women with big boobs, you’ve found your hentai jackpot!


Like most Doraf, Narmaya is a scant 4’3” tall. She uses a large katana in battle and is one of the more mechanically-intensive characters to play. She switches between two stances – one focused on broad strikes, the other on iaijutsu attacks. She creates beautiful ethereal butterflies when she’s in combat.

Artist: ricegnat

Narmaya has a soft spot for the main character of Granblue Fantasy. She affectionately calls him/her ‘danchou-chan’ and tries to take care of him/her like a big sister. She trains relentlessly so her distant cousin, Eahta (sometimes called Octo by Western fans), will noice her. Alas, no matter how strong she gets, he still hasn’t acknowledged her.

Artist: hei

In a story cutscene, a rather drunken Doraf named Lamretta mentions that a Doraf’s horn size is a measure of their power. Narmaya’s horns are pretty big, don’t you think? Maybe her cousin will acknowledge her sometime soon!

Artist: Sayika

If you’re interested in Narmaya and want to take the dive into Granblue Fantasy, I suggest you head over to the Granblue Fantasy subreddit which is the biggest hub of English-speaking players. They have guides on how to get started and access the game (which works incredibly well right through your web browser!). The game even lets players purchase a ‘beginners ticket’ for $25-30 (depending on currency conversion rates) that gives you a standard premium 10-roll AND a ticket to pick a specific character in the game to get, including Narmaya! If you’ve found your new waifu, this is a great way to get her at the start of the game.

Artist: あめじん

Thanks for joining us on this wonderful maiden voyage as we continue to the sail the seas of mobile games and find the women inside them! Who is your favorite portable waifu? Let us know in the comments or tweet us and we may feature her in a future article!


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