Big, Bouncy, and Pillowy – Hentai Trending!

Welcome back to Hentai Trending, the article series where we get down and dirty with data and look at what you all have been searching for across the web!

This week, we’re going back to basics. What do you think Saitama from One-Punch Man, Super Sonico, and Hestia have in common? The answer to this question is this week’s topic!

If you guessed oppai, you’re correct! If you didn’t know, oppai is the Japanese word for ‘breasts’! From Saitama’s apparel choices to Super Sonico’s humongous pillows, oppai is a staple of hentai and anime everywhere. Big or small, perky or mature, no matter what your tastes are in oppai there’s plenty of hentai out there for you!

Artist: hater

Artist: v-mag

Oppai sees a lot of searches in very concentrated area; some countries just can’t take their eyes off a lady’s chest! Here’s the breakdown by country:

Despite being a Japanese term, Indonesia knocks Japan to second place and takes the #1 spot for the most oppai trending country! Malaysia, Burma, and Singapore take the rest of the top 5 spots. 

Artist: FUYA

Over in the United States (ranking #23rd!? come on USA!), some new contenders to the Hentai Trending series pop up in the top five. Let’s find out who!

It’s no surprise that Hawaii takes the #1 spot in the USA given its relative size and large Japanese-speaking population. The real surprise is when we look east for the next spots: Kansas, California, Idaho, and New Mexico take the rest of the top 5 in the USA! This is California’s first entry into the top 5, and they couldn’t have chosen a better term to top it with!

Artist: Cian yo

Artist: Cait

That wraps up this week’s hentai trending! Next week, we’re going to expand oppai a bit and add a brand new term to the mix. What’s your favorite kind of oppai? Let us know in the comments or tweet us!

Artist: 河瀬セイキ

Artist: 【hews】

Speaking of Oppai we have a new Umi illustration! 

Artist: XMegantronX

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