Olivia – Game Girls

Every Friday we spotlight a brand new game girl for you to feast your eyes on. Welcome to Game Girls! This week we’re featuring the alluring dancer plagued by stage fright, Olivia!

Name: Olivia

Game: Fire Emblem

Game Type: Turn-based strategy

Age: 23

Occupation: Dancer

Strengths: Dancing, performing, singing

Weaknesses: Incredibly shy

Fun Fact: Olivia is a unique class in Fire Emblem Awakening, being the only Dancer unit the game! She also is the only unit in Awakening to have a unique skill, Special Dance, which can’t be passed down like other skills can.

Artist: Revolverwing

Artist: kyomon

Artist: 孤高のオヤジ

Artist: エチゼン

Artist: ボリス

Artist: まごころ弁当


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