Okusama wa Moto Yariman – Hentai Review

The last two hentai series I reviewed on this site left me feeling a down because of their darker tone and hardcore depictions of sex, be it by aliens, monsters, or cruel men.. While I have gone beyond feeling shame for the type of pornography I consume, especially those with a bit of an edge, there are moments where I could use a pick-me-up, something nice and fluffy to make the sun shine just a little brighter in my day. What’s better than a harem-centric rom-com? Okusama wa Moto Yariman is a two-part hentai that never fails to entertain me. I’ve been a fan of this series for a long time and it’s one of a few I like to keep in my back pocket for special occasions. The hentai stars the luckiest young man in the world who gets a shot at romance with three, married, mature and wonderfully endowed neighbors and when the husbands are away, the wives will play.



Yuuto is an unassuming young man who recently moved out on his own. Although he sometimes feels lonely, he has come to enjoy the company of his neighbors, three beautiful housewives who, despite their best intentions, dote on him quite a bit and look to him for help with light chores and keeping an eye on their kids. Yuuto is a polite, sincere, and warm-hearted fellow–a far cry from the type of male characters I’ve been exposed to in these last few reviews! He’s happy to help these women regardless of any personal inconvenience, though he fears that their special treatment may cause them to see him as less of a man (spoiler alert: that’s not going to be a problem). To honor his behavior and kindly ways, these women–red headed Megumi, bespectacled Anna, and Mako, with boobs so huge you could ski down them–plan a birthday party celebration for Yuuto, a fun evening that involves a lot of food strong drink. I’m sure you can guess where this is going. In her drunken state, Megumi makes advances on Yuuto and the two enjoy an evening of hot, big booby sexy time. The next day, the pair are confronted by Anna and Mako who knew about their sexy times because of their pesky thin walls. Instead of ratting them both out to Megumi’s husband, the four of them strike a deal: Yuuto must make Anna and Mako feel as good as Megumi. Talk about the deal of a lifetime!



Okusama wa Moto Yariman is so much fun to watch. It’s simple, straightforward, and delivers on a promise of getting to see three sexy MILFs with their clothes off. Each woman is a sheer delight, though if I had to pick a favorite Anna would get my vote. She’s the more eager of the group and enjoys wearing sexy underwear for Yuuto and putting him in the compromising position of public sex. What a great cougar! Ultimately, though, it’s really hard to pick a favorite amomg the three of them. They’re all super sexy and cute and also blessed with amazingly huge boobs, so please, don’t ask me to pick just one! By the end of the second episode, things will have reached their inevitable conclusion as the sexual relationship between Yuuto, Megumi, Anna, and Mako moves past the point of no return as they engage in a spectacular foursome over dinner and drinks.



This MILF-centric hentai is the cure for what ails you. It’s nice to come up for air once in awhile, so to speak, and watch something a little more wholesome and less traumatizing. Fun, cute, and sweet, Okusama wa Moto Yariman will find new fans among those with an appreciation for MILFs, big anime tiddies, and happy sex. There’s barely a story, which is totally fine, and the main characters get to prance around wearing cute and sexy costumes. When they all show up wearing their old school uniforms, you have to wonder how their blouses ever managed to contain their exploding chests. The animation quality might not be at it’s best but the high quality character designs certainly make up for such shortcomings. In the mood for something on the lighter side of sexual deviancy? Then give these three ladies a ring!

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