Oideyo! Mizuryuu Kei Land – The Midnight Hour

All right you little shits! I’ve been away awhile but i am back! Hopefully for good. It must have been tough for some of you while i was gone, but fear not get ready to fap again! I wanted to talk about Futa in the original post a few weeks back… but it looks like its gonna have to wait, because one of my favorite doujin got turned into a hentai, and we need to get some shit off my chest. So without further ado I present!



Oideyo! Mizuryuu Kei Land

Also known as slutty sexy land or something along those lines. Now by the title you probably already know where this is going, but lets take a moment and ask yourself… wouldn’t it be awesome if we had something like this?! I know it would never happen in real life, but you just can’t make shit like this up! Alice you have done it again. If you don’t know who Alice no Takarabako is go look him up he is pretty well known for his art-style and the Ahegao tag. Now back to the hentai, at the moment there is two episodes and every episode is a different story, but it’s all in the same world. The first episode sets up what the amusement park is like… yes I called it an amusement park. Now this group of girls you see in the photo, they come to Kei land so that the girl in the middle can… I guess… open up about her sexual desires. She is very shy… as you can tell in the picture below.


Again shes very shy. Now they go on and explain the rules  that you can sleep with anyone who has a tag on their body. Also, you can’t fall in love, pretty simple right? Wrong! As the story progresses shy girl finds this guy…

Now the guy in this episode is definitely falling head over heels for this girl and you can guess where this might end up, so as the two of them get a little more intimate.

She explains to him that shes a sex maniac, she ends up telling him that they can’t fall in love because she wants to sleep with multiple people so a girl like her isn’t worthy of his feelings… and well… the dude is totally okay with it! So she ends up fucking the guy’s friend!

So is it kind of NTR, I mean they aren’t together but man do i feel salty about the situation. Don’t worry it won’t stop you from stroking or fingering. After the little orgy they have the group decides to go to the parade… which isn’t really a parade, and they leave the two love birds alone. They confess their feelings and their faults, and it’s so cute cause after that crazy orgy it becomes kind of vanilla… and they kind of have a romantic ending.

So over all that’s episode one and the first few chapters of the doujin as well. Now if your not into crazy big immoral sex orgies this might not be for you, but you should watch it anyways because it’s for science and you might end up liking it. That’s it for tonight’s post, until next time my loyal minions!

Happy Fapping~

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