Oide yo! Mizuryuu Kei Land – Hentai Review

I owe my interest in hentai’s artistic merits to the artist Mizuryuu Kei. Some of his (or her? I’m really not sure) manga, like Sailor Bitch which was my introduction to ahegao, caught my eye because of the distinctive way he draws women’s faces. The wild, exuberant faces of expression primal lust, passion, and pleasure are more than enough to require a cold, cold shower. I also love the pre-sex faces, as if they were the grinning Cheshire Cat getting ready to devour a poor, defenseless mouse. Indeed, Mizuryuu Kei’s women have a tendency to look like man eaters and I’m more than ready to be devoured, making them a fierce bundle of sexual energy. Simply put, no one does sex art better than Mizuryuu Kei and I’ll go to my grave fighting anyone who challenges me on that! In the grand tradition of Japan’s animation industry, one of Kei’s manga stories, in which an amusement park serves as the world’s premiere hedonism resort, gets an animated adaptation that preserves the quality of his unique and identifiable style.

Oide yo! Mizuryuu Kei Land is an unabashed look at what a sex-positive resort might look like inside a theme park setting. Operating with a strict set of rules, patrons are free to engage in free sex with all sorts of people, like other park goers and even the staff. In an opening scene not unlike Westworld, our adventure through Mizuryuu Kei Land is presented through the eyes of a man and woman brought there by friends that are repeat customers. While their friends are eager to enjoy all the deviant delights the park has to offer, the man and woman are suddenly love struck for each other. Call me crazy but I don’t see this sort of place where one could make a love connection! After all, when women wear specially marked stickers that alert sex partners to the things they can do (kiss, touch, or fuck) and men are required to wear condoms (although the continuity is catastrophically destroyed in a scene not long after), Mizuryuu Land is all about casual sex, shooting galleries with projectile cumming, and parades consisting of orgies and stripper poles. The park itself has all the fanfare and saccharine positivity of Disneyland, which allows the imagination to wonder what sort of special attractions one could find there. Mister Toad’s Wild Ride would easily take on a new meaning. And character interactions would be considerably more fun (Anna and Elsa, where are you?) and can you imagine what a Tunnel of Love would be like? I know all that is not the point but I’d love to see further exploration of the park and it’s amenities by a perverted Disney analog. What we do see in the two-episode OVA are chocolate covered lollipops shaped like dicks, an idol show where participants can fuck the talent, a Ferris wheel, and helpful park attendants who clean your genitals in between bouts of hot, freaky sex.

Our main characters find each other on a Ferris wheel attraction that partners random men and women together. Despite any initial reservations and nervousness of being in a place like this, they get caught up in their circumstances and enjoy each other. The woman, previously so reserved, reveals that she is s raging pervert whose jealous of her friends having sex. Later on, the characters and their friends hook up for an all-night sex fest in which partners are traded, adding a bit of an NTR spice to this strangely romantic story. In the second episode, love blooms again between a young man and one of the park’s idol performers who try to enjoy the park together while hiding around incognito from her lusty fans.

Beyond the inherent silliness of setting up a love story inside a park where women can literally stop a man and suck their dick, Mizuryuu Kei Land is a great showcase for the artist’s fantastic character designs. The animation is reminiscent of Baka Dakedo Chinchin Shaburu no Dake wa Jouzu na Chii-chan given the smoothness of character movements, the way in which bodies glisten during sexy, and best of all, those classic ahegao faces so indicative of the artist’s style. Mizuryuu Kei likes to put women in frightfully suggestive poses with legs spread far out to beckon their partners for animalistic sex that leaves them literally overflowing with cum. He uses these poses a lot in his work and yes, it’s even sexier in cartoon form—just for fun, I re-read the manga version of the series and while I didn’t see the story involving the idol singer, the first episode is a great duplicate of the original a comic, camera angles and all.

Mizuryuu Kei Land is truly the happiest place on earth where consenting adults are free to cast aside their inhibitions and fuck their weekend away. Though it raises the question of whether or not same-sex couples can partake in the park’s delights. Were there more episodes or chapters made out of this series, I’d like to see different relationships and pairings play out as well as a guided tour of all the perverted attractions designed to bring new fuck buddies together. I also wonder what it must be like for the people working there. Who has to hose down the rides and parade floats? I mean, there’s got to be enough cum flowing through this place to impregnate a small country. But hey, don’t mind me. I have a tendency to think of weird shit like this. The bottom line is that Oide yo! Mizuryuu Kei Land is a fitting, animated tribute to one of the medium’s best pornographic artists. And if you like hentai with big boobs, girthy dicks, tons of cum, and lots of X-Ray shots, this is one that grabs you and doesn’t let go until you’ve pumped yourself empty.  


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