Oda Non’s Non Virgin: Art Appreciation

Fakku has knocked it out of the park with their hentai books and Non Virgin is no exception. Oda Non’s Non Virgin is required reading for hentai enthusiasts that can appreciate (and are looking for) handsome artwork in their pornography.

Offering 17 stories along with a small collection of pinups, the book is packed with a lot of great content that is sure to satisfy numerous tastes. There are stories that favor female protagonists pinned against the sexual delights of their captors. “Molestellar Shackles,” for example, is about a busty space Federation captain who is captured and enslaved by a band of rebels, forced to undergo various sexual torments by the crew. In a world ruled by demons, “Slave Fantasy” features as two women that are passed around like sex toys and must perform for their masters lest they be disposed of out of boredom. Those interested in a little more realism can enjoy chapters that include sex among childhood friends, shrine maidens, high powered businesswomen, a teacher and her students, a cat burglar with a very sexy costume, and even a gladiator style battle to determine whether tits or ass are sexier (the right, and only answer, is tits). I don’t like NTR all that much but I took a strong liking to “The Student’s Appreciation.” It uses the lonely unsatisfied housewife trope who finds sexual satisfaction by lettering her former students take advantage of the situation, even going as far as letting them stay the night for some nocturnal group fucking while her husband is away.


Non Virgin comes with chapters that, by hentai standards, aren’t particularly original. What makes it feel new and fresh, however, is Oda Non’s breathtaking artwork. I mean, it is so good that it made really like NTR–that has to say something, right? Oda is an amazing artist who packs in an incredible amount of detail in the women and men he draws. The characters have a real sense of dimension and weight, something that is particularly noticeable during the frequent boob play. The way he draws hands digging into large, fleshy breasts shows a masterful understanding of female anatomy. Other artistic features that I really enjoyed are the cute lingerie and undergarments worn by women (which favor large chests) and numerous facial expressions that capture the agonizing ecstasy of sex. Non Virgin is a FAKKU! release, which means the full color manga is presented without censorship. This is great because, honestly, the presence of black censor bars, mosaics, and pixelation would ruin the impact of Oda Non’s work. This is pornography so good, it’ll make you say “damn, this is great stuff” as you settle into that dreamy, post-fap lethargy.

FAKKU! Books has released a lot of great material since they moved away from scanlations and went “legit”. Non Virgin represents the very best of their labors and I’m so glad to be exposed to it. This masterpiece of erotic art is available to purchase online and I recommend getting both the digital and physical copies. The digital book is easier to fap with but the physical edition is great to own as an art appreciation piece. 

Be sure to check out Oda Non’s Pixiv and personal website for more beautifully sexy hentai!

Good night and good fap!

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