Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias – Hentai Review

Ladies and gentlepervets, we’ve hit the motherload. Since my obsession with hentai began in college, I have had too few experiences watching something that was so raunchy it left me with curled toes, shaking knees, and shortness of breath. Wait, those aren’t the signs of some medical condition, right? If it is, it could mean being diagnosed with extreme horniness because holy shit, Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias is the hottest thing you’ve seen all week. If you’re a fan of creative, explicit cartoon sex the likes of Taimanin Asagi, Kuroinu, and Kangoku Senkan, then prepare to enter hog heaven because this is another marathon of epic sexual perversion. 

In a fantasy realm that has known nothing but peace and plenty, the sudden onslaught of the new demon king’s campaign of war, rape, and pillaging leave many fearing for their lives. The Demon King Vois has usurped his father’s place and hunts for the prize that will help seal the former lord away for good, leaving no threats to Vois’ rule. He is aided and abetted by Tia, a literal goddess who he has made into his thrall, his sister Ilis and succubus Lufilia, though we never really see these women do much work as they are merely outlets for Vois’ sexual impulses and frustrations. He doesn’t have time for foreplay and ruthlessly fucks them without a moment’s notice, engaging in different positions with a ferocity that these women can’t get enough of. The only woman brave enough to stand up to Vois is Luvilias, a holy knight whose calling is to destroy evil and restore peace to her land. Such lofty goals don’t come easy for our heroine who is constantly overwhelmed by her new nemesis. Their first encounter ends in humiliation and subsequent rape by Vois, whose massive ejaculations (this is a very messy series) are enough to bend women to his will. At the last moment, however, Luvilias is able to spend whatever magic she has left to teleport herself away from danger but as we see over the course of the series, her resistance and commitment begin to break down with each encounter. 

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Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias has got it all. Seriously, it’s almost easier to say what sex acts aren’t in it. It’ll take about an hour to get through the entire four-episode series and in that time you’ll have seen missionary, anal, doggy style, beautiful face-fucking, double and triple penetration, futanari-on-female, light urination, tentacle fucking, BDSM, public sex, monster impregnation, incest, lactation, gangbang, stomach bulging, belly expansion, and monster sex. I think that just about covers all of it, though I’m sure I missed something! The point is, each episode is a relentless stream of sexual encounters that is absolutely unrelenting. There’s barely time to catch a breath before Vois is sticking his dick into some woman’s orifices. With the exception of Luvilias, the other women characters are insatiable and easily driven to lust for their master. To them, being fucked into oblivion by their demon king is life’s greatest reward. There’s not an episode that goes by someone isn’t getting fucked until their eyes roll back into their heads and spew forth exquisite filthy pillow talk, their ahegao’d face show just how insane they are for their master’s thick dick.

Image Source: Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias

The main plot involving Vois’ slow seduction of Luvilias to his cause is pretty great but what I really enjoyed where the silly exploits of Ilis and Lufilia. Their shenanigans proved a measure of comic relief against Luvilias’ story as they always find themselves in situations where they have sex int he most random of times and places. Such is the fate of these characters, I suppose, who spend much of their time together fighting over who the demon king wants more. After a particularly hot and heaven session with Vois after Luvilias’ first escape, they find themselves surrounded by horny orcs who end up taking turns to fuck both women senselessly until they are literally swimming in a small pond of white sticky fluid, leaving Vois to wonder just what the fuck happened–right before he has is turn with them! Later on, both women get to experience their heart’s desires fulfilled when a tentacle monster fucks and lays eggs inside Ilis, and Lufilia is given electricity-induced orgasms from an orc golem. There is humor in the misadventures of these two women because for as long as they fight each other over the attention of the demon king, they’re almost always usurped by some other horny creature only for Vois to step in and play with them afterwards. Speaking of humor, be sure to stick around for the series conclusion, which is unusually bright and charming despite the events revealed in a final montage!

Image Source: Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias

Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias is a spectacular series and you really should stop whatever it is your doing and go watch it. The series’ biggest draw is its harem of gorgeous and wonderfully large breasted human women and demi-goddess with different skin colors and personality types. Lufilia is unabashedly addicted to sex with the demon king, Ilis is the pouty little sister, Tia is dark-skinned with pointed ears and her futanari scene in the third episode is one of the hottest moments of the entire production. Given the amount of sexual depravity going on, I found that Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias isn’t as intense as Kuroinu or even Taimanin Asagi. The latter two series come with a palpable sense of edginess and malevolence that can be difficult to watch in one sitting. Perhaps the animation has something to do with it or that Vois’ underlings accept the intensity as their preferred type of pleasure–as indicated by their filthy commentary. So! If you’re in the market for degenerate hentai that is slightly less degenerate than the hardest of hardcore, you should definitely give Ochi Mono RPG Seikishi Luvilias a watch. I mean, you should watch it anyway because god damn, it’s one of the hottest hentai OVAs I’ve seen–and I’ve seen a lot! 

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