Afternoon Skippers – Hentai Manga Review

Have you ever skipped work to be with a cute girl? Afternoon Skippers, created by Kasugano Tobari, replays this familiar scenario for us!

Yuuichi, a 30-something office worker, met the college student Nana at a park during a lunch break when they happened to be playing the same social game together. They share a cute scene with both of them playing the game before he realizes he has to get back to work, only to find out his afternoon has been freed up by a rescheduled meeting! Nana coyly asks him to skip the rest of the day and play the game with her, using a devastating lure to any mobile game player – a super limited event with exclusive rewards is going on and this will be his only chance to get them!

Nana’s design is incredibly cute! She has more realistic proportions for a woman with as large breasts as she has, and she flashes a fang here and there that compliments her energetic demeanor. She already looks amazing in a summer top and shorts, and when they go back to her apartment so she can change into a summer dress, she looks just as spectacular! Koiichi’s design actually fits what you’d expect from a youthful person in their thirties – he’s beginning so show some wrinkles around his eyes from age, but he perfectly fits the bill of a young office worker.

Naturally, when they get back to Nana’s apartment, things escalate quickly! It’s obvious both of them have a thing for each other, with Nana playfully provoking him for blushing followed by Yuuichi almost instinctively placing his hand on her’s. From here on out it’s all about the sex! Yuuichi has a bit of a dirty side to him, commenting on how great she smells and commenting on how beautiful her body is. Nana’s innocent side shows, and it’s her turn to get completely flustered! The sex scenes between the two of them are fantastically drawn and you can tell that the two have connected with each other for a long time with the way they play off of each other. 

Afternoon Skippers is a highly recommended read for just about everyone! It’s a wonderful vanilla hentai manga with great characters and fantastic art. You can read it here right now if you’re a Fakku subscriber!

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