Nitocris (Fate/Grand Order) – Portable Hentai: Extra Pull

It’s BONUS POST time! We couldn’t resist pulling that sweet sweet gatcha a second time, so we’ve got another edition of Portable Hentai for you this week, hot off the press. 

Artist: Byte

Meet Nitocris. Wise. Graceful. Pharaoh. Incarnation of the Sky God Horus. She can be summoned as either a magic-wielding Caster or a deadly Assassin in Fate/Grand Order.

Artist: ありのとわたり

This short-tempered queen ruled over Ancient Egypt in the Sixth Dynasty. She isn’t as well known as other Egyptian Pharaohs, but she’s still quite powerful. She wants to follow in the great

footsteps as other Pharaohs such as Ozymandias.

Artist: Lasterk

Nitocris has a little bit of a tsundere in her. With her quick temper, she’ll do things like yell at you when she cleans your room, but she’ll clean anyways because deep down inside she cares for you as her Master.

Artist: ゆーま

Unfortunately, Nitocris’s story isn’t much happier than Scathach’s. She supposedly only was queen for a short time. Influential men murdered her brothers in their childhood, and Nitocris had those men drowned. Shortly after having them drowned, she reportedly took her own life by drowning herself as well. In the game, she knows she has big shoes to fill as a Pharaoh, so she’s amped up to prove herself worthy as a Servant!

Artist: P

If you didn’t know it already, the ghosts with human feet that follow her around are avatars of the Egyptian god of smite, Medjed! He became incredibly popular in Japan and has countless memes of him across the internet. Nitocris, being a child of a god and a Pharaoh, was closer to the Egyptian gods than others, so maybe that’s why Medjed is always following her around!

Artist: ハルルンzw

Thanks for reading our bonus edition of Portable Hentai! If you want your very own Nitocris, you can summon her as your Servant in the mobile game Fate/Grand Order, available for both iPhone and Android! If you have game or character suggestions for future Portable Hentai articles, leave us a comment or tweet us!

Artist: 春夏冬工

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