What’s New This Week on eroHero!

It’s Friday and you know what that means… new eroHero manga has just dropped! So join me in discovering what’s new this week.

New This Week

A Mothers Prison
(Chapters 27-30)

Description: In the final volume of the series, what happens when Maya’s body and mind can no longer deny her feelings. What new experiences can she finally have now that her true feelings have been exposed again and again and again.

I’m excited to see how this one ends and if she will truly give into those lust MILF desires of her!


Beggar Girl

Description: AHHH! is the only sound you’ll hear in these short stories of women having happy sex, lovely-dovey sex, erotic sex, first-time sex, and more sex!

If sex is what you’re looking for in your hentai (because duh) then this is the hentai for you!


Fallen Saints

Description: These sisters have a holy duty to protect the world against the forces of evil, using whatever means at their disposal. That means using their bodies to protect, to reward, and to make sure evil is defeated wherever they go.

Nuns?! Count me in! And you know I love a good oppai! HNNNNG!


That’s all we’ve uploaded this week but stay tuned for next Friday when we upload even more! We will upload at least three series every week for the rest of the year so there is always fresh hentai for you to fap too!

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