New High School D x D Figures!

This week I have been obsessed with High School D x D. I started watching it last weekend on Funimation and I was so thrilled it was not censored. I binge watched it so hard! I was even more stoked when Rias won the Rule 34 vote! Check out the post from yesterday if you haven’t already! 

To celebrate my new obsession with this ecchi series, I decided to cover the new High School D x D figures that went up for pre-order last week! Rias and Akeno join the S-style figure family with these sexy swimsuit versions!


These two figures are by FREEing (OK, OK, OK… I’m also obsessed with FREEing figures), and they are 1/12th scale swim suit figures. They are made of PVC, and including the base they both stand 5.1-inches tall. These figures come pre-painted, but they will require some assembly. A lot of my FREEing figures have fallen apart easily, but when I’ve glued them they have been a lot better. I don’t know if gluing them is advisable though… I just did it as a spur of the moment thing but it worked! 

OK! Let’s take a closer look at these figures… 

First up we have the hottest devil herself, Rias Gremory! She stands there with her normal smug look holding her bikini top while teasingly covering her naught bits. I really get a Greek goddess vibe from the bikini which I am really digging! The base is just a clear circle which is alright, but I think it would be cooler to have a more “on theme” base. 

Rias wouldn’t be complete without her Queen and best friend Akeno Himejima! Akeno is in a similar pose with with a more classic string bikini. She is also revealing much more than Rias with her skimpy bikini. 

…and her bust is bigger!

If I had to pick only one I would pick Akeno, but I am a sucker for purple hair and oppai. 

Three things I really like about these figures are the skin shading, the hair sculpt, and the lack of seams even though they are self assembly figures. The only thing I don’t like about these figures are the lack of details in the face. The faces in general feel a little off to me… 

For $45 each, they are pretty reasonably priced and I definitely want to pick them up! They are available for pre-order now on J-List with a January 2018 release. 

Pre-order Rias here!

Pre-order Akeno here!

Want to watch High School D x D uncensored subbed or dubbed? You can find it on Funimation and you can even get a free trial! Click here to get yours now!

*All images are sourced from J-List. 

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