What’s New This Week on eroHero! 4/30/21

Another Friday means… MORE HENTAI MANGA! We just dropped three new manga titles on eroHero. Below is all the new titles along with a bit of info!


A Mother’s Prison (Chapters 27-30) (VOLUME 4)

Description: In the final volume of the series, what happens when Maya’s body and mind can no longer deny her feelings. What new experiences can she finally have now that her true feelings have been exposed again and again and again.

This is the last volume in one of our most popular manga titles! Be sure to check it out and see what all the hype is about!


Cherry Pie

Description: What goes better on a pie than a shot of cream? Nothing as stories of ninjas, sisters, princesses, and other lovely ladies getting creampied is the off-the-menu special service.

She’s my cherry pie! Oh wait no. This manga is too cute to boot! If you love some oppai and sweet treats… this is the one for you!


Trembling Daughter

Description: Hiding beneath ordinary people in their ordinary lives are big breasts, big explosions, and big opportunities for sex! Dive into eight short stories about the everyday sex lives of everyday people.

Wait a minute… EXPLOSIONS?! Orgasms or like the kind you walk away from while putting on sunglasses? You will have to read to find out!


Those are all of our new titles this week but drop by next Friday to see what’s new!

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