What’s New This Week on eroHero!

OK… so technically everything is new this week on eroHero because we just launched yesterday! But… three new hentai titles just dropped so I’m going to cover those today!

New This Week

Seduced By A Foreign Girl

Description: Oh no! Slime girls? Tentacle monsters?! Tentacle monster girls!?! Whatever will happen to the daring adventurers when they come across beings that want nothing but sex?

This manga really has it all! Slime girls, sexy elves, futa, oppai, yuri, demons, and more!


Melting Ice Cream

Description: Build up your courage! Confess your love! Have lots of sex! When a vampire girl finds her perfect blood match, sex becomes the main course for every meal.

Honestly I thought this was just going to be super cutesy and vanilla (pun intended) but then the vampire girl showed up and WHAT?! She is super cute though…


Chubby Make Out

Description: Chubby girls are just the best! Who doesn’t love seeing a woman’s body bursting at the seams with just-barely-there underwear hiding all kinds of secrets?

For those who have a preference for the THICC ladies… this is the manga for you! There are all kinds of thick women in this manga from squishy to buff AF.


That’s all we’ve uploaded today but stay tuned for next Friday when we upload even more! We will be uploading at least three series a week for the rest of the year so there is always fresh hentai for you to fap too!

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