My Trip To Anime Expo!+ FREE GIFTS!

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Hey everyone!

I know this article is totally late! I got REALLY sick right after Anime Expo and I was in bed for a week! Ick! 

I had a GREAT time at Anime Expo this year but I was super busy! I couldn’t make it to any of the hentai panels. I would have loved to make it to the VO panel and the “FAKKU! Hentai You Need To Watch” panels because let’s face it… I have a voice for hentai AND I always need more hentai to watch but I needed to wake up so early for work at the convention and those panels were so late! We NEED a Hentai Con where you don’t need to stay up until past midnight to see a hentai panel. I did make it to the Project-H, J-List, and FAKKU! booth as well as some smaller hentai booths. Above is a gallery of some of the booths I visited and some sexy figures I came upon. Enjoy!  I also grabbed a few hentai manga books as well as a Super Sonico figure! 

Plus I managed to make it to the Nutaku booth. I entered their contest to create your own character and win a bunch of gold and guess what… I WON! I get to create my very own character and that is so exciting! More news about that coming soon! 

Below are five FREE gifts from Nutaku! The first five people to activate these codes get them so HURRY! REDEEM THEM HERE!!


Did you go to Anime Expo this year? Tell us all about it in the comments below!


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