Muttsuri Do Sukebe – Hentai Review

I never really used to pay too much attention to harem hentai. Whenever it’s time to indulge in some anime porn, more often than not I jump right to the first group scene. I really don’t pay attention to the dynamic between the characters because I usually just want to get straight to the fucking. Watching Mankitsu Happening, which you can find a review of on this site, changed all that. In the case of that series, I got hooked on the interplay between the characters and paid more attention to what it was that brought all these women together in pursuit of the protagonist’s dick. I feel like I’ve totally been missing out with harem hentai! I’ve grown interested in seeing how the women characters act with one another in and out of sex because it adds a little pinch of extra flavor to the feature. So I was more keyed into the group sex featured in the two episode OVA Muttsuri Do Sukebe. It’s a pretty short series that doesn’t get a whole lot of time to breathe like Mankitsu Happening or Okusama wa Moto Yariman (also reviewed on this site) but I did enjoy it and caught myself paying more attention to the boy/girl, boy/girl/girl, and boy/girl/girl/girl hookups.

Takashi Komiya is portrayed as a bit of a creep. A loner at school, friendless and no potential mates on the horizon, he is shunned by both sexes at his high school. We don’t know why he suffers through this ostracization but you really don’t have to put much thought into the character because he comes from a long line of hentai protagonists whose face is partially obscured by the front of his hair. What is it with this character design? Chime in the comments below if you have an answer (apart from the animators being lazy) but my guess is that this is supposed to allow the viewer to themselves into the situation, to put yourself in his shoes. It may seem easier to relate with a character if they are made to look so nondescriptive. Know what I mean?

Anyway, Takashi has no friends. Instead, he finds companionship with his new family. His father, who is away on business naturally, married Yuria, a former gravure model turned housewife and became a father to two hot daughters, student council president Anna and the mischievous Rina, who take after their voluptuous mother in more ways than one. With his father gone, Takashi blackmails Rina and Anna into a sexual relationship because he has discovered their secrets. Prim and proper council leader Anna is addicted to sex and visits clubs where people shamelessly fuck each other under the gaze of other club patrons. Rina enjoys a life as a cam girl, modeling sexy and erotic costumes for an adoring audience. Armed with the knowledge of these two women’s extracurricular activities, Takashi moves in for the attack. Anna is easily overcome because of her love of shameless sex. Rina, on the other hand, tries to control the situation on her terms but collapses under the ferocity of being forced into deepthroating Takashi before having her virginity taken away. As the days pass, Rina and Anna fall completely under Takashi’s spell, who plays to their desires in all the right ways to make them lust after their step-brother. One fateful night, when Rina, Anna, and Takashi are enjoying each other, a noise declares the presence of Yuria, who has been watching—and masturbating to—her children fuck each other into an ahegao-fueled frenzy. Mother is then brought into the fold, bringing back her long repressed sexual desires she developed as a model, instantly turning her into a sex slave just like her two girls.

And at that point, the series runs its inevitable course. Takashi is shown having his way with each woman, who grows more and more lustful towards their son/little brother. I won’t lie, this dynamic—three super sexy and busty women dying to perform morning blowjobs, engage in risky school sex, and pamper their lover at home—sounds like absolute paradise to me. All four of them eventually engage in an all-night sex fest that seals their relationship as lovers, even after Takashi’s dad has come home from his business trip. You didn’t think a little something like dad being home as being enough to stop this sex ring, did you? The train stops for no man!

Light on story, Muttsuri Do Sukebe jumps right into the thick of it. It doesn’t take much for the girls to succumb, so all that seduction nonsense is thrown out the window in favor of getting them on their back (or knees) for a little carnal attention. Takashi (and me, the viewer) hits the jackpot given that each girl has great boobs and super thick and curvy figures. One bit of character design that got me excited every time I saw it was the bit of skin on the thigh that creates a bit of a muffin top whenever they wear leggings that are a bit too tight. The camera definitely favors their more luscious bits, like how their breasts hang and butts slap against each other during doggie-style sex. The show is also a huge fan of cream pies as they are featured in every scene, so if that’s your thing this show has it in spades. The animation of sex is done really well in the first episode of the OVA (but feels a little inconsistent in the second) because it has that fleshy, shiny look I’ve really come to enjoy. I like it because it helps give the character’s bodies, and body parts, a sense of depth, substance,and weight that reacts a little more realistically than other animation styles.

Though a little on the short side, Muttsuri Do Sukebe doesn’t skimp on content. My only wish is that we got a scene with just Rina, Anna, and Yuria. I would have loved to see how these three cut loose while Takashi’s away. Cool animation, fun vanilla sex, and great dirty talk from Anna make this a more than decent go-to series to add to your hentai harem collection.

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