Monster Girl Monday – Mummies (Halloween Special #4!)

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl with some amazing art. We’ll be celebrating Halloween all October by featuring monster girls that love to come out and play during this holiday!


Habitat: Deserts and ruins

Nature: Simple

Diet: The essence of human men

Quick Facts:

  • Like zombies, mummies retain their memories of their past life, but are robbed of reason by their ravenous appetite.
  • After capturing their prey, mummies slide their bodies up the man’s body and squeeze his member fiercely with their parched sex.
  • Mummies seek as much skin contact as they can have during sex, as their skin is unbearably sensitive. They have bandages on to make the sensitivity more bearable!
  • Mummies can also seek out women as their prey, turning them into mummies through sex as well!

Source: Monster Girl Encyclopedia Vol. 1

The Monster Girl Encyclopedia draws a unique picture for mummy girls! You can bring one to ecstasy by simply tracing your finger over her bare skin. If this doesn’t excite you enough, we’ve selected some awesome hentai of mummies for you below to help encourage you to seek them out!

Artist: ひまねこ

Artist:  HighschoolDxDCards

Artist: E吉

Artist: ザシャ

Artist: はせ☆

Artist: ぱた

Artist: ツキシロコウ


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