Mt. Lady – Rule 34

It’s no surprise that this week a pro hero won the vote this week! Mt. Lady is whole lot of woman and totally deserves the win. She’s already pretty lewd but enjoy these even more lewd illustrations of her! Please make sure to check out all the artists and support them. 


Artist: Kajin


Artist: あめおと


Artist: Akuma Shop


Artist: きっぷる


Artist: Tofuubear


Artist: Studio Oppai


Artist: Dandonfuga



Artist: Janong


Artist: The Assholes Wind


Artist: Erotibot


Artist: Afrobull


Artist: Ohnips


Artist: Thanabis



I have a feeling this next vote is going to be a nail biter. We are throwing the waifu gauntlet down to celebrate Anime Expo 2018! Vote for your best girl below! <3

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