Ms. Fortune – Game Girls

Every Friday we spotlight a brand new game girl for you to feast your eyes on. Welcome to Game Girls! This week we’re full of the fighting game spirit with Evo coming up this weekend, so we’re featuring the undead catgirl from Skullgirls, Ms. Fortune!

Name: Ms. Fortune

Game: Skullgirls

Game Type: Fighting

Occupation: Final Member of the Fishbone Gang

Likes: Naps, Parkour, Making Friends, Robin Hood’s Philosophy

Dislikes: ThePolice, Sushi, Lemonade

Fun Fact #1: Ms. Fortune’s blockbuster attack is a direct homage to Wolverine’s super Berserker Barrage from the Marvel Vs. Capcom Series. Wolverine shouts out “BERSERKER BARRAGE” with his super while Ms. Fortune yells out “FURSERKER PURRAGE!”

Fun Fact #2: As a result of swallowing and digesting the Life Gem (no relation to the infinity gems!) right before she met her own doom, Ms. Fortune was made an undead immortal! Even if her limbs are removed from her body she won’t die, so her fighting style in Skullgirls is a mixture of pure rushdown and puppetry with her detached limbs!

Artist: 西出ケンゴロー

Artist: 龍弐/RYU2

Artist: あまねはすひと

Artist: リリスラウダ

Artist: みなかみ


Artist: ベルモンド魚住

Artist: RBG

Artist: みなかみ



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