Motoko – Rule 34 Round Up

Sorry for the delayed rule 34 round up, but… IT’S HERE NOW! This week you voted for your favorite heroines and Motoko (AKA Major Kusanagi) took the lead – just barely though! Tatsumaki almost stole the show! 

In the manga, Major Kusanagi is a super sexual woman that has “e-sex” with men and women. Her body is a top of the line cyborg body which allows her to experience a heightened sense of touch. Today, we explore Kusanagi’s sexual side with some hot rule 34 art! Below each image is a link to the artist’s page. Make sure you check them out for even more great art!

Artist: Gmeen


Artist: しんくうたつや系


Artist: Janong


Artist: Levi


Artist: Kokaku


Artist: As109


Artist: てんかりん(∩´∀`)∩


Artist: Donburi


That’s all we have for Major Kusanagi, unless you’re Rule 34 Warrior on our Patreon, of course! Make sure you cast your vote on the next vote featuring witches! 


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