Moon Viewing – Hentai Manga Review

Have you gazed at the moon recently? Maybe some spectacular hops will help encourage you! Moon Viewing by flanvia shows us just how those hops are recorded.

Imagine coming home from a long day at work to see a cute girl you’ve never met drinking tea at your table! Just as you’re about to throw her out, she explains she’s been snet to help encourage people to watch the moon and grows a cute pair of bunny ears to prove it! That’s the situation our protagonist ends up in when he finds Usagi in his own home. She explains to him that to help encourage people to watch the moon at night, she’s been sent to record some spectacular hops to give people that extra push to get out there and gaze at the sky. Of course, there’s only one way to record those hops, and that’s through the sound of two people bumping bodies! A little reluctant at first, our protagonist eventually gives in and helps her with her mission with great success.

The setup for this hentai is pretty unique, and having a bunny girl in it is a huge plus in its favor – the world needs more of them! Usagi is depicted as a petite woman, but you can see that she’s definitely not lacking in maturity when she takes her shirt off. Her expressions as the two bump bodies are enough to make any man rock hard and any woman wet with desire! While the sex in this is pretty vanilla, her countless ahegao faces and gorgeous depictions of her getting railed by her partner’s massive dick are enough to grab you and make this a real page turner. 

Whether you like bunny girls, ahegao, or petite women and massive dicks, Moon Viewing is a definite must read! Check it out on Fakku right now with a premium subscription!

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