You Won’t Be Scared of These Monsters – Hentai Trending!

I was working in the lab late one night
When my eyes beheld an eerie sight
For my monster from her slab began to rise
And suddenly to my surprise…

Chimera – Artist: Dapper-Cat

It’s a brand new edition of Hentai Trending!

Wait, that’s not how the song goes? Well, I bet you can guess the theme of today’s Hentai Trending – the series where we get down and dirty with data and find out what people are getting off to around the world.

Have you guessed it yet? I’ll give you another hint:

Hellhound – Artist: O S I I M I 

Monster girls have had some explosive popularity in the hentai world with recent hits anime like Monster Musume and A Centaur’s Life proliferating the love for these wonderful creations. Whether they have fur, scales, fuzzy ears, tails, or hooves, monster girls are typically defined as a humanoid girl that has the traits of a monster or animal. There are so many kinds of monster girls out there it’d be impossible to go over them all here, so I’ve selected a couple of common and a couple of not-so-common monster girls to highlight in today’s post! Maybe we’ll do a supplementary monster girl post in the near future!

Lamia – Artist: joy ride 

Monster girls are a hit around the world – in fact, it’s the closest race to #1 monster girl trending country that we’ve seen so far! Are you ready to find out what countries have a special place for monster girls in their hearts? Let’s find out!

The Phillipines very narrowly beat out all of the other contenders to take home the monster girl cup! In a flash photo finish, trailing right behind them are South Korea, the USA, Finland, and Canada to take the top 5 monster girl trending countries home. Inspecting a little deeper, we can see the kinds of monster girls each of these countries loves the most! The Phillipines showed the most searches for nagas, South Korea and the USA love catgirls, and both Finland and Canada didn’t strongly search for one kind of monster girl over the other – they know how to share the love!

Manticore – Artist: monorus 

The USA came in third place – not too shabby! Let’s take a closer look at the states where monster girls are booming:

Compared to our other trends, fewer states felt strongly about monster girls, but the ones that do a lot of searching really like them! Kentucky is the #1 state putting in those searches for monster girls, followed by Washington, Tennessee, Arizona, and Michigan to take the top 5! 

Jabberwock – Artist: O S I I M I 

There’s a lot of love for monster girls around the world, and if other popular media is any indication they’re around to stay! What is your favorite monster girl? Let us know in the comments or tweet us!


Mermaid – Artist:愉月 綴


Sandworm – Artist: 狗蛋

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