Monster Mondays – Lauveraune Stage 1-3

When I was at Anime Expo, I kept hearing about this hentai manga that everyone was thirsty for called ラブラウネ Idol Monster Girls. I was lucky enough to meet someone working at the Project-H booth who snagged me a copy at their warehouse and kept it safe for me until I could pick it up! Unfortunately, this manga is super hard to find! It came out in January of this year, and it keeps selling out everywhere it is available! You may have to go through other means of acquiring it… not that I know or condone what those other means are. *wink wink*

ラブラウネ Idol Monster Girls is a collection of different stores featuring monster girls of all kinds! The manga is written and drawn by Mato Shiraha who has worked on two issues of Monster Musume. Outside of monster girl titles, Shiraha has worked on Futanarikko Fantasia and Taimanin Asagi: Kessen Arena-hen. Shiraha also has another title they have written and drawn called Two Love Roux which looks super cute!


Since each story in ラブラウネ Idol Monster Girls is so unique and awesome, I will cover each one in it’s own respective post. The first story is called Loveraune and consists of three stages/chapters. It also is the story that is featured on the book sleeve.

Loveraune stages 1 – 3 take place in a world where monsters (mostly humanoid types) have basically become enslaved or rather “domesticated” by the humans. This story revolves around the idol group Loveraune who are a part of the Idol Tactics organization, a group that was made to fight for coexistence between humans and monsters. Loveraune has set out to show humans that monsters are really awesome!

Loveraune is made up of three very sexy monster girls to help spread the good word! Raune is the founder of Idol Tactics and creator of the group. She is an alraune which is basically a girl growing out of a giant flower that’s a part of her main body. Mira is the skilled dancer of the group and she is a lamia AKA snake girl! Lastly, Happy is a harpy, which is a bird woman, who lends her voice as the vocalist of the group! (Unrelated but every time I see a harpy I think of those harpy bitches in Terraria who always kick my butt!)

The girls set out on a tour to bring awareness to a vote for coexistence and have some fun fucking warriors from the other side along the way. One of the warriors featured is a reluctant hot girl who Raune turns into a futa via monster magic!

This story is super fun! I really like how they incorporated the monster girls and their *ehm ehm* unique bodies and powers! I also really liked the monster girl designs and their cute outfits. Though I am wondering how they got some of those outfits over their large monster parts… The manga also has a good story while not skimping on the sex! The sex often became super interesting with the different monster abilities each girl possessed and their unique bodily functions. 

The only thing I disliked were that the human soldiers all looked the same! For the longest time I thought two of them were fucking the same dude and not wanting to tell each other. In reality they were fucking different dudes and just didn’t want to admit they were taking some humans to pound town. 

Want to know if our idol monster girls were successful? You’ll have to read the manga!

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