Monster Hunter Guildmarm & Handler – Game Girls

Every Friday we spotlight a brand new game girl for you to feast your eyes on. To celebrate Monster Hunter World’s launch on PC this week, we’re featuring the Handler from World and the Guildmarm from the last generation!

Name: Guildmarm / Handler

Game: Monster Hunter (series)

Game Type: Hunting

Age: Unknown

Occupation: Guild Receptionists

Likes: Monsters (maybe a little too much), hunters, Brachydios (Guildmarm), exciteshrooms (Handler)

Dislikes: Danger to mankind, people who don’t respect the beauty of monsters (Guildmarm), people who don’t respect food (Handler)

Fun Fact: The Guildmarm and Handler are just two of many different guild receptionists! Every generation of Monster Hunter games has had their own guild receptionist helping the Hunter out.

Artist: fumio936

Artist: 陽州

Artist: John Doe

Artist:  防水鳩

Artist: BANJO

Artist: R0se

Artist: 陽州

Artist: Banjo

Artist: キサラギ



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