Mom For Rent by Chiyoda Ryusei – Manga Review

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I’m back with another eroHero review and yep, you guessed it—it’s an NTR story!! Now, I’ve made my twisted love for this emotionally crippling genre known for a while but if you’re new to me and my personal interests, let me spell it out: I LOVE NTR. The stories may make me feel like complete shit but there’s no denying the animalistic lust I feel reading (and watching) stories where a lonely loyal housewife is turned into a cock hungry sexpot by some random asshole. Mote’s the better when the housewife or girlfriend happens to have huge boobs in desperate need of attention. What draws me to such stomach-churning filth? I don’t really know! Maybe it’s the forbidden nature of the affair, how the stories buckle against relationship norms. Maybe it’s the consensual-non-consensual nature of the interactions. But there’s a delicious queasiness that comes from seeing someone cuckolded in hentai that I find irresistible in my weakest moments. I experienced all these wonderfully awful pleasures while reading Mom For Rent by Chiyoda Ryusei. In it, a housewife is forced to support her family by cleaning random strangers’ homes. Unfortunately, her newest client is a manipulative bastard who delights in taking advantage of her good nature and need for work so that he can indulge in his own twisted fantasies. 

There’s a lot we don’t know about Hitomi. We are introduced to her situation pretty quickly: due to the seemingly physical weaknesses of her husband, Hitomi must leave him and her kids behind as she works a shift for a housekeeping company curiously named “Rental Mother.” Like, what kind of business is this? It’s not like one of those services where a sexy woman comes to your home, puts on a maid outfit, and literally cleans your house while you ogle. Hitomi doesn’t even wear a uniform, just a nice little shirt, and pants combination that barely flatters her mature figure. Her client for the day is a slovenly fellow who wears his intentions on the sleeve of his dirty undershirt. He’s an unnamed character in the story, so for the sake of simplicity, let’s call him Hannibal Lecher. Paid to do “what a mother does”, Hitomi spends the afternoon cleaning, doing laundry, and cooking meals while Lecher holes himself up in his bedroom. The work takes the better part of the day and to finish up her day, Hitomi proceeds to start cleaning Lecher’s bedroom, only to see him furiously masturbating to hardcore porn. Thoroughly embarrassed by the situation, Hitomi tries to make things right but Lecher isn’t having it. He begins calling Rental Mother’s head office and threatens to report her because she caused him “extreme embarrassment” and will do his part to ensure that she’ll never work in this town again. Terrified of the prospect of losing her job and dooming her family to destitution, Hitomi makes the fatal error of over-promising to do whatever she can to make things right. Lecher’s request? To suck on Hitomi’s boobs.

What starts as an indecent, yet slightly innocuous, request turns into outright sex training and conditioning as Hitomi is put through a gauntlet of sexy antics designed to break her resolve. Hitomi is initially disgusted by the requests and tries to power through such mistreatment with her own resolve  — that is, until she gets a good, long look at Lecher’s massive dick (seriously, it’s drawn to be really huge!). No amount of teasing can prepare poor Hitomi for the pure electric sexual energy of getting her pussy pumped. Shock and disgust give way to intense pleasure in scenes that suggest that Hitomi hasn’t been getting what she needs with her husband. Despite this, she still tries to endure only to discover that her body reacts and resonates with Lecher’s probing and pumping. It would have. Even. Ice to have a scene or two that explains Hitomi’s sex life. Does her husband’s condition prevent them from making love? Does Hitomi long for a man’s touch? We simply don’t know and because of that, it feels like there’s a certain something, a special ingredient that holds this story back. 

As I pondered these thoughts, I was completely surprised to find the story ending just when it was getting good. After a single afternoon of NTR fuckery, Hitomi’s newfound love for animal sex is barely hinted at in the final panel. Typical NTR stories and anime usually feature a montage of the amorous couple having more and more freaky sex, usually in public works or in other risky places, that causes the female character’s defense and inhibitions to crumble. Maybe there’s a scene where the husband or boyfriend suspects something, leading to a tense confrontation. Eventually, the female character finally loses it and succumbs to her lust, leaving her husband or significant other in the dust, ignoring their pleas, or, more devilishly, Sen’s them a video of fucking other men until she’s drenched in cum. Mom For Rent has none of this. It just ends with a hint of what’s to come. If there’s to be a part two, I hope to see Hitomi fall deeper and deeper down the hole with Hannibal Lecher, doing more hot, depraved things for her new sex partner. Not seeing Hitomi’s transformation is a real disappointment and makes the work feel half-finished, which is a huge bummer for me. 

Mom For Rent does a good job of following the standard NTR formula until it doesn’t, leaving the reader unsatisfied as it leaves out some of the best Materia they expect to see from this lascivious genre. It’s not all bad though. The artwork is good and the sex scenes are drawn really well. The scene with Hitomi and Lecher in the shower together is pretty hot and I loved seeing her mom-bod covered in suds. Mom For Rent offers a strong start with a classic premise but doesn’t do enough with the follow-through. If you’re just looking for some hot housewife action, then Mom For Rent has what you need—but not nearly enough of it. 

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