Mirah-San: Manga Review

WaifuSplit’s GidSama partners once again with Ryopie, whose skill at drawing gorgeous, busty women is unrivaled, to deliver a hot, sexy story that is a winner for the breast obsessed!

The first time we checked out the original works from WaifuSplit manga, we were introduced to the sultry adventures of Ava, a gorgeous vampiress who feats on the blood of men but manages to find the time for a good fuck.  Avalos and Avalos Fired Up were awesome hentai adventures with great writing and incredible artwork of large breasted cartoon women. Fired Up even tapped into Internet synergy and paired Ava with a popular Internet meme—with amazing results. I really like WaifuSplit’s thought process towards building their catalog of sexy comics. Author and WaifuSplit owner GidSama knows what their users want, which is why their heroines are obscenely hot and have busty, bangin’ bodies. No other character represents Hentai fantasy than Mirah, a middle-aged physical therapist who is the perfect ambassador of the WaifuSplit breaks. And her debut comic, Mirah-San, is the perfect thesis statement for her existence. 

Image source: Mirah-San

Adam’s got a common guy problem that he’s pretty embarrassed about: he can’t gain and maintain an erection. The problem is psychological and connected to the humiliation he experienced after discovering was sleeping around behind his back. The circumstances of the affair is responsible for his trauma because he discovered it through the most NTR-way possible: watching a video of his girl having wild sex with her sleaze of a boss. Believing himself damaged beyond repair, he seeks out medical help to solve his intimacy issues. No one has been able to help him, as the memory of his lover’s infidelity haunts him day and night. In a desperate bid for help, he takes a referral to the Erot Clinic, a private practice situated snugly within a residential street. The clinic is owned and operated by Mirah, who bursts onto the scene as a generously endowed goddess of a woman who has devised a special treatment plan to set Adam right once and for all. 

Image source: Mirah-San

Even though this is a porno comic, Mirah tackles Adam’s concerns with a strong sense of professionalism and care—even as she pulls his pants down to give his dick a thorough visual inspection! Though her methods are l unconventional, she believes in taking a strong, supportive role in the healing of her clients. In her mind, the best trick is to create a new sense of positive reinforcement towards sex, which is honestly not that bad of an idea. Adam’s trauma isn’t going to be an easy fix, however, which means Mirah has to step up her game. To the reader’s absolute delight, this means bearing the most incredible set of MILF tits I’ve ever seen. This comic, and Mirah in particular, is proof positive that WaifuSplit’s illustrator Ryopie knows how to create gorgeous, sexy women who look incredible in and out of clothing. I would have been totally fine with twenty six pages of hot, titty fuck action from Mirah and the scenes that Ryopie put together are amazing in their detail, sense of movement, and desireability. For fuck’s sake, she’s a cartoon character but she has me fantasizing of what it must be like to squeeze my fingers deep into the flesh of her gorgeous, massive boobs. 

For a cartoon woman like Mirah, I would have totally been fine with just reading through some great tit play. But Christmas comes early for us fans of thicc MILFs getting their asses clapped. Mirah’s treatment includes a raw dog, multi-position boning session that puts the character’s white hot sexuality into focus. The remainder of the comic features panel after panel of angles that show off Mirah’s incredible body until she’s a quivering mass of erotic flesh, filled to the brim with sticky white stuff. If ever a hentai manga sex scene deserved a standing ovation, Mirah-San earns it several times over. 

Instead of writing to specific genres and seeing what sticks, GidSama focuses on creating characters with rich personalities and design the stories around their best assets. For Ava, it was the female dom angle, a woman brimming with sexuality who knows what she wants and will get it. Gorgeous and filled out in all the right places, Mirah-San is another winner from WaifuSplit’s growing roster of original characters. To promote their work, they got the Internet’s sexiest e-girl, Juliette Michelle (aka Bishojomom) to dress up as Mirah and holy shit, the resemblance is uncanny! She looks like she flew off Ryopie’s illustrations like Holly from Cool World. Bishojomom is already the perfect real-life hentai woman but I still can’t believe how perfect her body is for the character. Mirah-San is a treasure trove for big tit lovers. Twenty seven pages of a gorgeous MILF using sex therapy to help men with their performance issues—sign me the fuck up! I can’t think of any better tribute to Ryopie’s work than this.

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