My Beloved Minotaur!! – Hentai Manga Review

It’s time for a dream cosplay shoot in the hentai manga ‘My Beloved Minotaur!!’ created by Satoazki.

This is a wonderful hentai that gets straight to the point; rather than taking a lot of time setting up the plot, we’re thrown right in a sex dungeon with a cosplay genius and her masculine partner. She wants to re-enact scenes from one of her recent favorite h-games where her partner takes the role of a giant minotaur fucking his human bride on their wedding night. Within pages we’re thrown right into the sex scenes with Yuuya, our cosplayer, restrained by the minotaur and forced to pleasure him. Yuuya keeps her mind on the photo shoot throughout the story, though, even keeping a camera in the minotaur’s mask to make sure she catches all of the juicy moments! The story has a very positive lens as the minotaur, her partner, gradually reveals to her over the course of their photoshoot that he has feelings for her despite realizing she may have mistaken him for being in-character, but it looks like she reciprocates those same feelings back to him by the end of the manga.


On the hentai side of things, My Beloved Minotaur!! has so much going for it! Yuuya looks drop-dead sexy in everything she wears, from the bridal costume even to the oversized sweater she wears in the begining! There’s plenty of great BDSM play for our bondage fans as they re-enact the scenes from Yuuya’s favorite h-game, going from arm bindings to leg restraints that make her oppai even hotter. The shining star of this manga, though, is Yuuya’s many ahegao expressions as she’s bound and pounded by the minotaur! She really looks like she’s living through the scenarios of her dreams.

‘My Beloved Minotaur!!’ is a great read for anyone who loves cosplay, bdsm, oppai, ahegao… Who am I kidding? You should go read it right now here if you have a Fakku premium membership!


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