Midna – Rule 34

Wow! What a week! This week’s vote was the most voted on rule 34 vote in the history of our site! Thank you so much! One winner was clearly victorious this week (…though I’m still a little bitter Hsien-Ko got so very little love…) and that winner was the Twilight Princess herself, Midna! Many of you may know Midna in her little grimlin form that rides wolf Link but her true form Twili Midna is sexy AF. Enjoy the art below and make sure to check out all the artists!


Artist: Xizrax


Artist: Kokobuttz


Artist: Koshiosaur


Artist: Cute Sexy Robutts


Artist: RankerHen


Artist: Shiory


Artist: Cutepet


Artist: Aroma Sensei


Artist: ★ 冬っち ★


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