Michiko + Atsuko – Rule 34

Michiko & Hatchin is one underrated anime! It has two of the hottest women in anime history if I do say so myself. Michiko and Atsuko grew up together as orphans but grew up to live chaotic lives.

Michiko Malandro is the main protagonist of the anime and she is a convict who abducts Hana to save her from an abusive household in order to find her ex-lover.

Atsuko Jackson used to be a cop but she became a vigilante outlaw! How cool is that? Not only is she a hottie but she’s also a baddie and isn’t that what we all secretly wish for?

They are both such gorgeous characters with such rich backstories and character development so I just had to feature them! So please enjoy this two-for-one rule 34 special and make sure to follow and support the artists any way you can!

Artist: しょぬ
Artist: しょぬ
Artist: Candy_Bandit
Artist: Gekk_0
Artist: Gomzai
Artist: bob
Artist: 鬼邪太郎
Artist: Tuomashart
Artist: NueVolt
Artist: hikikomoriamy

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