Monster Girl Monday – Raiju

Welcome to Monster Girl Mondays! Every Monday we celebrate a brand new lovely species of monster girl from Kenkou Cross’s Monster Girl Encyclopedia series with some amazing art.


Habitat: Mountainous regions

Nature: Lustful, bold, ferocious

Diet: Carnivorous

Quick Facts:

  • The electric weasel beastkind, Raiju, are true hedonists – your first glance of a wild Raiju will likely be of one masturbating feverishly!
  • Raiju generate and store electricity with sexual pleasure. This creates a current a lightning you see surrounding her.
  • A Raiju’s electricity doesn’t cause pain. Instead, it zaps you with all of the accumulated pleasure it took to store that electricity in the first place.
  • You have to have a lot of endurance if you want to be a Raiju’s mate. You have to deal with her ravaging you with their mouth or vagina on top of the pleasure from her electrical shocks!
  • Other women who are shocked by a Raiju’s current are usually unable to forget the pleasure brought on by that event. Every time they think about it, they subconsciously begin masturbating to the memory!

Source: The Monster Girl Encyclopedia

Could you keep up with a Raiju’s libido? If you think you have a high sex drive, why not put it to the test with the charged Raiju below!

Artist: WLPER

Artist: paundo2

Artist: Sub-Lewd

Artist: Tilt-Shift

Artist: Tilt-Shift

Artist: Nano-Star

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